Hamburger EmissionsHaus utilizes Airfund Corporation as its aviation advisor in identifying, negotiating and closing commercial aircraft investments. While HEH remains responsible for all of the decisions relating to each and every transaction, HEH’s use of advisors with significant commercial aviation knowledge assists HEH in creating high quality transactions with maximum value for the investor. HEH has used Airfund for every regional aircraft transaction that has been completed and has recently entered into a long term agreement with Airfund wherein Airfund will be available to provide advice to HEH on all existing transactions as well as future investments.

Airfund Corporation is based in Lexington, Massachusetts, USA. The company was founded in 1984 by Thomas Hiniker who remains the President of Airfund. During the past 28 years, Airfund has purchased commercial aircraft under lease for its own account and has managed commercial aircraft investments for US based limited partnerships as well as hedge funds and other private owners.  Airfund has vast experience in aircraft investment, having purchased for either its account or for its clients over 100 commercial aircraft ranging in size from 36 seat Bombardier turboprops to many Boeing 747s. Airfund has in depth experience in aircraft operating economics as well as knowledge in the operation and maintenance of the aircraft. 

In addition to arranging the acquisition of a number of aircraft, Airfund has substantial experience in remarketing the aircraft when the initial lease term expires. Airfund has remarketed aircraft either as a direct sale to a new owner, or as a lease to a new operator. The company has worldwide industry knowledge and been responsible for remarketing aircraft to airlines in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Airfund’s industry knowledge includes not only the ability to negotiate aircraft acquisition and remarketing, it has vast contacts with airlines throughout the world with which it has completed transactions. A list of airline customers is available on the Airfund website.

Airfund Corporation is long time member in good standing of the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading “ISTAT”, which is the worldwide association of owners, lessors, financiers, manufacturers and traders of commercial aircraft.

Thomas G Hiniker, President of Airfund, was educated as a Nuclear Physicist with a Masters Degree in Business. He has spent his entire career in aviation and finance, starting as a design engineer with General Electric before becoming involved in equipment and aircraft leasing. He has direct experience and industry knowledge in all aspects of aircraft leasing but with particular emphasis on airline relationships and  lease negotiation.

Fintech Aviation Services was incorporated in 2004 and is based in Geneva, Switzerland.  The Company offers commercial and technical services to organisations within the aviation leasing and financial sectors. Hamburger EmissionsHaus (HEH) contracted Fintech to technically manage their portfolio of aviation assets and is able to offer a wealth of technical and commercial experience to each transaction.

Fintech are involved in negotiating the leases and providing solutions which satisfy the intent of all parties, and yet minimize HEH’s risk to an acceptable level. Once an aircraft is introduced into the portfolio its status is carefully monitored through frequent audits together with follow up meetings and the receipt of lessee generated monthly periodic reports. Fintech’s objective during the monitoring period is to ensure that the lessees meet their contractual obligations, minimize any technical or commercial exposure to HEH and ultimately protect the residual value of each asset. Fintech’s internal procedures are set up specifically to deal with asset management contracts and they consequently have very good relationships with all the major OEMs who are able to assist us during the entire transaction cycle. 

The company has and continues to serve various leasing and financial organizations world-wide.  They offer a range of services to their clients from providing market updates for investors, to completing appraisals on both commercial and business aircraft, to completing pre-lease audits to managing ad-hoc projects with budgets of USD 10m. Their proven ability to encapsulate all commercial and technical elements of a project ensures that clients are able to clearly understand the risks, and therefore the potential costs, of each scenario. Where additional advice is required, their extensive relationships within the industry yield results. Fintech is a member of the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) and the National Business Aviation Administration (NBAA). 

Fintech is run by Oliver Stuart-Menteth who initially trained and worked as aircraft engineer on various aircraft, including Boeing and Airbus, for companies such as Dan-Air, Cathay Pacific and Marshall Aerospace. He holds both EASA and FAA licences and type ratings on the numerous aircraft and engines including the A320 and B737 series Aircraft. He holds a Masters Degree in Air Transport Management, is a qualified International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) auditor and a Senior Certified ISTAT appraiser. He has completed auditor training at IATA and is also a trained expert witness. He has previously worked for appraisal and asset management companies and has over 20 years experience within the industry.

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