HEH:  A Reliable, Professional, Knowledgeable Partner for Regional Airlines

HEH is a leading lessor of regional aircraft. Since 2008 HEH has acquired and leased 11 Bombardier Q400 and 5 Bombardier CRJ 1000, 2 Embraer E 175 and 2 ATR 72-500 for European regional carriers Flybe, Air Nostrum and Finnair. These transactions were committed to prior to the difficult financial times but HEH was successful in filling all of its obligations throughout 2008 and 2009. Despite the global recession HEH raised equity in excess of 164 Million Euro.

Airlines and Lenders can count on HEH for its experience and professionalism in negotiating leases and loan agreements on a cross border basis.  

HEH not only understands airlines and their business, HEH also understands aircraft and how they are used and maintained. This experience means that HEH can complete and fund leases that less experienced lessors may find too difficult.

HEH’s experience, with both commercial lenders and Export Credit Agencies, in arranging long term debt for its aircraft transactions enables HEH to find and complete debt funding in difficult markets,

HEH is a reliable partner for both lenders and airlines, providing professional solutions to aircraft lease requirements. By specializing in the regional market, HEH has learned the special requirements of regional carriers as well as the technical characteristics of the aircraft regional carriers fly.

HEH: Successful Arrangement and Management of Aircraft Leasing Investments

The performance of every aircraft fund organized by HEH is very positive. Since 2008 to 2015, @ 4.000 of HEH’s investors have received @ 57 Million Euro in dividends, and the debt associated with aircraft leases has been reduced in approximately the same amount. More than 45% of the investors of our new projects have a prior investment in a previous HEH funds. Investors are satisfied with the excellent structure and returns associated with HEH funds. This stable investor base provides strong support for the financing of new projects.

HEH is a very reliable partner for aircraft financing. We started the syndication for our 2 ATR 72-500 funds in June 2015. Within 10 weeks the syndication in amount of EUR 16.6 Million was completed. In 2009 the syndication at HEH was with a turnover of @ EUR 30 Million almost unaffected by the financial crisis in contrast to almost every other market participant. HEH fulfilled every equity placement guarantee since foundation.

HEH:  Low Debt to Value Ratios Enable Debt Funding of Difficult Projects

The structure of every HEH aircraft investment funds is similar. Typically, debt provides only 50% to 60% of the purchase price of an aircraft to be leased. Further, 100% of the debt will be fully repaid during the initial lease term (typically 10 to 12 years). A portion of the lease rental is dedicated to the debt service, and the other portion is dedicated for the investor’s dividends and administration costs.

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